Meditation Concert

Step into a musical universe, where improvisation and meditation blend seamlessly.

Since 2008, we have crafted magical moments through improvised meditation concerts. Let us take you on a journey into your inner landscape, where tones and intentions converge.

A passion for creating inner spaces

Our concerts are more than mere music. They are an invitation to immerse yourself, reflect, and find tranquility. Each concert has a theme, an intention, a visualization. We improvise based on this, and it’s up to you how you receive it. Perhaps you’ll meditate, let your thoughts flow, or simply be carried away by the wordless song.

Meditation is for everybody

You don’t need special skills or training to meditate to our music. Let the flow of the music guide you.

Recorded concerts

Enjoy our library of recorded concerts when and where you need it. Listen on your favourite platforms.

Concerts for children

At meditation concerts for children, we align the volume, intention, lengt hand complexity of the music to the ages of the children present.

Public Concerts

Transform your library, yoga center, city hall or rock venue into a nurturing space of spiritual sound.

Harmonize your people

Create company unity and align collective intentions with sound. We orchestrate seamless meditation events that leave a lasting impact.

Private concerts

Experience a Meditation Concert in your own home, and have the participants create the intention for the concert together with us.

The many ways of meditation music

We have captured hearts with our music and have a passion for creating connections through sound.

Self care through music

  • Infuse yourself with serenity and purpose
  • Deepen your meditation experience
  • Experience transformational sound

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“Yasmin and Asgers meditation concerts offers me tranquillity and brings me in the zone”

Liz Aberlour

CEO, greenprint

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Whether you want to book a concert or have questions, comments, or great ideas for events or collaborations, feel free to use the contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for reaching out to Meditation Concert! 🌟