Asger Johannes Steenholdt has led a fascinating dual career, seamlessly blending music and psychotherapy. Let’s explore his remarkable journey:

  1. Musician and Songwriter:
    • Asger’s roots lie in music. He was a bassist for renowned Danish bands such as Savage Rose, Lars H.U.G., and Love Shop.
    • His musical contributions left an indelible mark on the Danish music scene (according to Bing).
  2. Big Fat Snake:
    • Since 1997, Asger has been an integral part of the band Big Fat Snake.
    • His role as a recording and performing artist, both as a bassist and guitarist, has significantly shaped the band’s sound.
  3. Psychotherapist and Facilitator:
    • Asger’s passion extends beyond music. He is a certified psychotherapist who offers a confidential space for clients to explore their emotions.
    • His therapeutic work focuses on helping individuals discover patterns, gain clarity, and align their emotional experiences with their life situations.
  4. Emotional Intelligence Advocate:
    • Asger believes in the power of emotional intelligence. He emphasizes its importance in effective leadership and building healthy work cultures.
    • His multifaceted career reflects a fusion of artistic expression and personal growth.

For more insights, visit Asger’s official website (in danish).