Yasmin Elvira Steenholdt is a versatile artist with a multifaceted career. Here’s an overview of her accomplishments:

  • Singer, Composer, and Lyricist: Yasmin has made her mark in the music industry. She received a Grammy for the best Rap/Dance single in 1990. She has released two CDs with Soulschock and Cutfather, as well as two CDs under the name Aphrodesia. Her music spans genres and showcases her creative talent.
  • Voice Trainer and Speaker: Yasmin’s expertise extends beyond performing. She is a skilled voice trainer and has lent her voice to various projects. Her captivating speaking abilities make her an engaging speaker.
  • Dance Instructor and Lege-agent: Yasmin’s passion for movement and expression led her to become a dance instructor. She also serves as a Lege-agent, promoting freer, more imaginative play. Her work with children emphasizes meeting them where they are and encouraging creativity.
  • Specialized Workshops for Children: Yasmin has specialized in designing tailored singing and movement workshops for children aged 0-6 years. She has conducted over 2000 workshops in daycares and approximately 450 workshops in special institutions. Her approach ensures that every child’s voice matters and is heard.
  • Inclusion and Artistic Projects: Yasmin is associated with the LegeKunst project in Helsingør, which focuses on art and culture for children aged 0-6. She has worked with children with disabilities, engaged in bilingual aesthetic programs, and contributed to various cultural initiatives.
  • Collaborations and Performances: Yasmin has collaborated with various institutions, including Kulturskolen Gentofte and Helsingør Børnekultur. Her work spans dance, music, storytelling, and improvisation. She has also been part of musical productions and performed in various venues.
  • Passion for Play and Creativity: Yasmin’s commitment to meeting children where they are, fostering creativity, and encouraging play shines through her work. She believes that everyone has a unique “tone in life,” and her career reflects this belief.

For more information, you can explore her official CV and visit her homepage (both in danish)